After 35 years in business, we have decided to...


Let's be real, running a small, family operated business can be tough. Especially with a toddler and a spouse (me) working a part time job. With a 256 square foot space on Pier 39 and trying to accomodate the ever changing trends in the knife industy, it has been impossible to increase our capacity without having an additional outlet. 

Our website is in the prelims of operations and our inventory online will not sync with what we have in the shop. We are just not set up to run that optimally at this time. We also do not have website design or e-commerce experience.

As of November 23, 2023, we will operate our website on a "Soft Launch" basis, meaning that we expect problems and issues to arise. We appreciate your patience at this time as we get our routine going.

Inventory will be added multiple times per week; please stay tuned and check back often to see if your new, favorite knife has been listed. Or, shoot us an email if you are looking for something specific; it just might be in the shop.

We welcome your feedback and comments! Email them to: and either myself or Derek will respond as soon as we can.

-Kelly Coote

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