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New Vendor Alert: Meet Meglio Knives

We are excited to our first culinary knife vendor, Meglio Knives!

Based in Oceanside, Ca, Meglio Knives was the first to incorporate CPM-Magnacut steel into knife making. Brandon Hampton, CEO, has been making knives for years and got his start by working at Strider Knives during college, apprenticing under Duane Dwyer. After years of learning the trade and helping out in his family's restaurant, he eventually began Meglio Knives, along with a couple of his best buds.

Meglio (Mel-ee-oh) means "better or the best" in Italian. With this in mind, knives are created especially for working professionals who need a blade that will last through hours and hours of daily prep work. Brandon frequently consults with local, culinary professionals in the San Diego area, as well as with others throughout social media networks, knife shows and local appearances to get the feedback essential for the creation of innovative, culinary knife making using the latest in metal technologies.

Meglio Knives are also appreciated by home cooks and non-professionals for the ease of maintenance while using a knife that is high in toughness, edge-retention and corrosion resistance.

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